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Dear Family, Friends and Community,
On March 5 2019, God blessed Demond with Heart Transplant. We will be forever grateful to God, the Donor and His Family for this 2nd chance of life. We continue to trust God through the process and journey to the road to recovery.

The Heart Transplant has been a life saving but financially and emotionally draining. Even with insurance, Demond and I are facing very high out of pocket expenses. Some of these are co-pays, deductibles, lab-fees, travel and relocation for at least 16 weeks for during surgery, post-surgery therapy and he will be on a life-time of anti-rejection medications. This is where your help is desperately needed.

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April 4, 2019

Today Demond was discharged from the hospital and is headed to Stallworth Rehabilitation Center for intensive physical therapy

April 3, 2019

Update Demond will be discharged soon to a rehabilitation facility across the street from the hospital to work on intensive rehab to become stronger

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April 4, 2019

God’s Blessings continue to uplift you and strengthen you! Love you both so much! Donna & Leonard Swartzfager

Donna & Leonard Swartzfager

March 27, 2019

Get Better Soon Dearmon Love Dana & Rose

Dana Jenkins

March 27, 2019


Emily Harris

August 7, 2016

Still praying for you my friend.

Peggy Debton