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Tammy Bolerjack was born with a progressive and terminal lung disease, known as Cystic Fibrosis. Over the years, Tammy’s illness progressed, and by 2009 things took a turn for the worse. Her lung function started to rapidly decline, and she was placed on fulltime oxygen therapy. Tammy was rushed to the hospital and eventually placed on a ventilator. It was at this time she was advised that a double lung transplant was her only hope to survive. After months of struggle, and twelve days on a ventilator, Tammy finally received a double lung transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida on August 28th, 2011. Despite horrible pain and extended time in the hospital, Tammy recovered well and gained a new lease on life!

Tammy is a loyal friend with a huge heart. Her strength and perseverance has carried on, and even her team of medical professionals has used Tammy’s story in conferences and in an effort to demonstrate how well people can do after surviving a double lung transplant. Tammy is ever so grateful for her new lungs, however things have been very difficult for both Tammy and her husband financially, over the past several years. After her surgery, Tammy had to live near the Mayo Clinic for three months. She rented an apartment while attending multiple medical appointments and bronchoscopy procedures. Tammy eventually started pulmonary physical therapy, and as the years have gone by, these tests and evaluations have lessened (unless sick), but they still continue for Tammy.

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July 21, 2017

Back in antibiotics for sinuses again. This time and oral and inhaled antibiotic and soon to be nasal flush.

My 6 year post transplant check-up is next month.

June 10, 2017

Contacted my transplant coordinator on Tuesday. They called in an antibiotic for 7 days. I have some severe sinus drainage right now so also refilled my antibiotic nasal flush and I’m currently waiting for that.

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September 15, 2015

Thinking of our fun times at the beach always brings a smile to my face. Rarely, do I see a lemon wedge and not think of you, lol. Sending love across the state.

Wendy Noble-McDonnell

September 1, 2015

Congrats on your fourth year of recovery!! We are so proud of your dedication and perserverance to your health. You are my inspiration everyday! Love you!!!

Lisa Terrill

September 1, 2015

Keep strong Tammy. You ROCK! We love you.

Sue Dauterman

August 24, 2015

Together we can do this!!