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Gretchen Levi is a 53-year-old loving mother of three, who is very ill. She was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis in the early 80’s and has had symptomatic flare-ups on and off for the past thirty years. About 3 years ago, Gretchen’s illness has progressed very aggressively, completely taking over her body and immune system. Her liver was tremendously affected by the hepatitis, and Gretchen was unfortunately diagnosed recently with cirrhosis of the liver. She is now in end-stage-liver-disease, or liver failure and also experiences a condition known as ascites, where fluid builds up in the abdomen and causes Gretchen to undergo a procedure called paracentesis twice per week. Gretchen undergoes extensive medical supervision and testing, which checks on her liver stability and overall health. These medical treatments and procedures help Gretchen sustain her daily life while she is in liver failure, however she will soon need a lifesaving liver transplant, or her time will quickly run out.

Gretchen grew up in Houston, Texas and graduated from Worthing Senior High School. She went on to Houston Community College where she received her Associates Degree in Business and later met her husband Kevin. They have three beautiful and supportive children together, who are committed to seeing their mother through her transplant. Despite her diagnosis, Gretchen worked for over 34 years at Chevron’s Corporate, and was a very diligent and dedicated employee. She was forced however, to take a medical leave of absence due to the progression of her illness, and more than ever Gretchen wants to return to her old self through a lifesaving liver transplant!

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August 2, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to Gretchen who received the gift-of-life through a liver transplant on Friday, July 29th. She is recovering from her surgery and feels blessed to have a new lease on life. Please keep Gretchen in your thoughts and prayers during her recovery. Your continued financial support is greatly appreciated during this crucial time for Gretchen.

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September 30, 2016

I bless God for prayers answered and the financial seeds sown...I'm sure that you're more grateful than we can imagine. Love you and keep embracing life! #YouWin #GodDidThis

Lady Alana Cook

September 15, 2016

Thank you to all that have and still is contributing to my fund! All donations and prayers are greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you!


Gretchen Levi

September 10, 2016

Iris, Thank you SO much for the words!! And continue to pray for me!! Day by day I'm getting better!!
Love to you all