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Kevin Needs Our Support!

As a strapping seventeen-year-old varsity ice hockey player, Kevin was suddenly struck by an orphan disease known as “short gut/bowel syndrome.” He had to have almost all of his small intestine removed. From that day forward, he must receive his nutrition via an intravenous process. Every evening, Kevin has had to ‘hook up’ to his total parenteral nutrition (TPN) for 11-12 hours a day in order to survive!

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September 22, 2016

A note from Kevin:
“Well people I finally got my surgery which was the final step to getting me home. Now I have to heal up and start gaining weight – that’s priority one . Again I would like to thank all the friends family and people who didn’t even know me that backed goes to show you there are good people in this world. I still have a lot of stuff to go through but I’m done with the tough stuff. Luv you all and God bless.”
Kevin is scheduled to be released from the hospital – again – Friday 9/2316,

May 9, 2016

We will never forget Cinco de Mayo again! Not only does it happen to be Kevin’s brother-in-law’s birthday, it is the day that a special family chose to give Kevin a second chance! Kevin received his new liver and small intestine last week. After many expected hours of surgery, he is stable and resting. He has a heavy climb back to good health, but is finally on his way. Please keep the prayers coming?

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