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Family and friends of William Ferrier are raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses associated with transplantation.

William has chosen to fundraise with HelpHOPELive in part because HelpHOPELive assures fiscal accountability of funds raised and tax deductibility for donors. Donors can be sure that funds donated will be used only to pay or reimburse medically-related expenses. To make a tax-deductible donation to this fundraising campaign, click on the Donate Now button.

Updates (2)

August 29, 2015

William Shawn Ferrier (AKA Smiley) and his fiance and caretaker Sarah Latschkowski have found a place to stay in California post transplant. But we still need to raise the funds for medical bills, prescriptions, paying rent in 2 places, and all the expenses that come with getting a new liver. We made it pretty far on our own but now we must ask for a little help from everyone. We haven’t gotten far on our goal yet and still need your help to meet our 1st goal of $1000. Every bit counts, And we mean that!
To give a donation to William, click Donate Now. Thanks for all your support.
Thank you again,
Shawn & Sarah

August 15, 2015

This page is for William Shawn Ferrier to raise money for living and medical expenses after his Liver Transplant.
He has been living with Cirrhosis of the Liver for the past 25 years and its been critical for the last 6 months.
We need to raise enough money for Shawn and his caretaker to live close enough to Cedar Sinai Hospital to be able
to make trips back and forth to the medical center twice a week in case of any complications and to make sure he
responds well to the new liver and medications. He lives out of Las Vegas, NV and Cedar Sinai Hospital is in
Beverly Hills, CA, where he and I, his caretaker would need to move within an hour or two of.
Our financial situation is scarse because all of the money we have on Social Security goes to our
living expenses in Las Vegas. And this is the final step that we need to take in order to receive his transplant.
Please help in financing a safe place for William to live after he receives the gift of a new life and a second
chance at living a healthy life again.


August 27, 2015

Love From Mom

Barbara Kyle