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Micah McNeal has kidney failure and she desperately needs your help. As a result of a progressive form of Type-II Diabetes, Micah has been diagnosed with end-stage-renal disease. In order to survive, she relies on dialysis. She spends four hours, three days per week undergoing treatment as well as attending several medical appointments and extensive testing in order to be placed on the active transplant list. Without a lifesaving kidney transplant, Micah will quickly run out of time.

Micah is the proud and loving mother of two wonderful and supportive children, and blessed with one adorable granddaughter. As a single mother, Micah has faced many obstacles and challenges in her life. Despite her illness, she has persevered heroically and with grace. She never complains and works hard to the point of sacrificing her health to make ends meet for her children. She never imagined a kidney transplant would be her greatest challenge and now her only hope for survival.

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July 1, 2016

Hello everyone, sorry it’s been so long on an update. I’m doing ok, but still in need of a kidney. Yet letting everyone know, still hopeful.

February 11, 2016

Hello friends and family, I’m here and doing alright. Still have found a kidney donor but still hopeful. Love you all God Bless

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February 13, 2016

Hi girly. Your son from another mother said that he wanted to set up a $20 a month donation for you. He wishes he could do more (like donate a kidney, but he is not the right blood type). Stay strong and know that we ae always here for you.

Robert, Tina and Ca'in

November 12, 2015

Love ya someone is there i know


September 29, 2015

We can do this cousin. Stay strong and we will continue to pray. Love you!


September 23, 2015

Stay strong and keep the faith. Love you much!!