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Believe in Miracles
On December 14, 2012 Dean suffered a spinal cord injury at the C3/C4 level due to a MRSA abcess. Dean wasn’t given much hope of surviving this infection, let alone making any significant recovery. We feel blessed that Dean astounded all of his doctors, our family and friends with the significant progress he has made. We now believe that with an intense therapy program he can walk again. As you can imagine, this type of therapy is costly and not covered by insurance. We need your help to get Dean back on his feet again.

Before the accident, Dean worked with a local asphalt company servicing and repairing their trucks and heavy equipment. He dreams of going back to this job and they are ready for him to come back. Dean and I have four children, one granddaughter and the endless support of family and friends who continue to encourage Dean to push forward.

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