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Valerie Needs Your Support!

When she was just 19 years old, Valerie Taylor had a terrible car accident that injured her pancreas eventually leaving her to battle Diabetes. Now, at forty-five years old Valerie is in End Stage Renal Failure, on dialysis, and in desperate need of a life-savings kidney transplant. Valerie is a single mom with two children, Malen and Joshua Kale that she loves dearly and whom love and need their Mom.

Updates (1)

May 18, 2016

Thank you to Adreienne Taylor, Chris Hughes, Eileen Hughes, Arlene Austin,J. Morgan, Donald Gannon and everyone for your donations and messages of support. They mean so much and give me hope.


August 31, 2016

No one knows how crucial it is to help and donate funds except when it's your loved one...Valerie is fighting every minute..of everyday..even though she tries to be positive and strong thru all this...I still wish I could do more for her...Valerie wishes for a kidney and she also knows that the Lord has her thru all her days..we are all blessed to have her with us everyday and we thank each and every person who helps donate...our wish is for her to get a kidney transplant and feel better...God bless Valerie my sister and everyone who supports her thru this...

Jennifer Taylor

April 20, 2016

Sending prayers to you my dear cousin. I know we haven't been closed but please know that you are in my thoughts.

Arlene Austin

January 22, 2016

You are the strongest most caring person and have such a huge heart for people. You are a great mom and always think of other peoples feelings before putting yours first. I am so lucky to have you as my sister! You are so hilarious and always make everyone smile and definitely laugh for sure! We are all going to help you get through this difficult time. You are always in good spirits when I see you and have a funny story to tell, EVERYTIME!! We all love you and God will answer all our prayers and take care of you. God bless you sister, and always keep the faith. I hope reading this will put a smile on your beautiful face! Lots of love always from all of the family!!

Eileen Hughes