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Cody’s Motto: Never Give Up

Everyday, since September 15, 2012 when Cody Cornwell was diagnosed with a rare inoperable cancer, Cody reminds himself to never give up. After months of chemotherapy, Cody beat the odds and the cancer went into remission. A motocross racer, Cody spent a year of hard work getting back in shape; he was finally ready to race again, planning to turn pro in the summer of 2014.

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October 17, 2016

A compilation of my progress so far since my spinal cord injury. I was given 6% chance of ever walking again and I’m already beating the odds. These activities are what will help me to continue to get stronger and help me achieve my goal of leaving the wheelchair behind. I wanted to show you exactly where your donations are going. All donations will help cover my expenses at Race To Walk, a facility that specializes in training people with spinal cord injuries. Race to Walk is not covered by insurance and is a vital part in my recovery.

Thank you for your support!

December 10, 2015

First, I want to give a little background on the cancer and how it all ties into his injury. Cody was diagnosed with Gray Zone Lymphoma the beginning of Sept 2012. We thought he had a sinus infection but the antibiotics were not working. After an x-ray to rule out pneumonia, they discovered a softball size tumor sitting on his esophagus and arteries leading to his heart. The tumor was inoperable and thus began chemo after the type of cancer was determined. January 15th of 2013 he went into remission. Between the radiation and chemo to kill the cancer, his body was worn down to say the least. In April of that year his Oncologist gave him permission to get back on his dirt bike. We were also told that if he broke something that it would take longer to heal due to the chemo and radiation weakening his bones. At the time, it didn’t cross my mind that it would be his spine. He had been racing since he was four years old and had the skills to turn pro. Anyone that knows someone that races motocross or an extreme sport knows that they are a different breed. They are hard to keep down and how do you tell your 18 year old son that he can’t live his life like he did before. After a year of training he was finally ready to race. The night before his accident, we discussed and came up with a plan for him to turn pro that summer. Those plans changed the next day, March 15, 2014. He has been attending Race to Walk in Mooresville, NC since May of that same year. He has made some significant progress but it has been a very long road. We spoke with his Oncologist to get his thoughts and he agreed with us in that the damage from the chemo and radiation could indeed being slowing down his progress.
With spinal cord injuries, the quicker you can get the spine to remember its job the greater your chances are for complete recovery. That is why we need everyone’s help in supporting Cody’s recovery. I will be adding some pics and a link for videos to show how he has progressed from when he began to now.

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