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Naeem Ahmad, a 43 year-old loving husband and father to three beautiful children, desperately needs your help. Naeem started experiencing severe headaches about 2 years ago, and by the time he visited with doctors, it was too late. Naeem was diagnosed with a severe case of high blood pressure, and his kidneys had already started to fail. Naeem was in end-stage-renal-disease, or kidney failure, and since April of 2014, Naeem has undergone lengthy and time-consuming dialysis treatments in order to stay alive. While these treatments are helping Naeem, they are only temporary and without a lifesaving kidney transplant, Naeem’s time will soon run out.

Naeem lives in Austin Texas with his lovely wife and three young children; Aamna, Ibraheem and Asmaa. He works very hard driving a cab, and supports his family despite his medical condition. Even with very low amounts of energy and feeling fatigued, Naeem works as much as he can, and never complains; however he cannot work full time due to his condition. There are many days after dialysis that Naeem experiences exhaustion, profound fatigue and severe body aches. He always fights through, and tries his best to remain strong and stay healthy for his children. More than ever, Naeem looks forward to his kidney transplant, and to the day he can get back to his old self.

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