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Darrell, 48, was diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure six years ago. Prior to his diagnosis, he was an avid softball player and loved spending time with our four children. He was always involved in our children’s softball, football, and basketball teams and continues to be their biggest fan. At the time of his diagnosis, his heart function was around 10 percent. He fared well over the six years with careful monitoring, but over the summer Darrell’s health went into rapid decline. He was hospitalized and shortly after, on August 19, 2015, was given the gift of life: a heart transplant.

Currently, we are living in temporary housing near Baylor University Hospital while Darrell recuperates and is monitored by his doctors. This has been a very emotional, spiritual, and physical journey for us. We are looking forward to the time when Darrell can get back to playing softball and coaching our children’s teams.