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At the young age of two, Aniyah Myrick was in a devastating auto accident that left her completely paralyzed from the neck down. She suffered a life-changing C1-C4 complete spinal cord injury, as well as a traumatic brain injury. Her injuries have left her unable to walk, and she now relies on a breathing machine. Aniyah has a permanent port surgically placed in her brain, and over the years, she has faced numerous physical and medical challenges as a result of the automobile accident.

Despite her injuries, Aniyah is a ray of sunshine and an inspiration to her friends and community. Her loving family is overwhelmingly supportive, and has kept a positive attitude to help Aniyah persevere through challenging and difficult times. However, as Aniyah continues to grow and gain both weight and length, transporting her has become increasingly difficult. Aniyah is almost seven years old, but she still requires much needed medical care, and transporting her to physical therapy and rehab, medical appointments, and even school has proved overwhelmingly difficult for both Aniyah and her family in a regular car. To make matters more difficult, Aniyah’s father suddenly and tragically passed away a very short time ago, and her mother is now her sole provider and caregiver.