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Jeremy Bevel needs a lifesaving liver transplant, and he desperately needs your help! In 2014, he was diagnosed with a severe disorder of the liver, that put him in end-stage-liver disease, or liver failure. Jeremy’s days are very difficult, and he experiences constant and debilitating fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, and even some cognitive problems. As a result of his illness, Jeremy is currently unable to work, and his medical condition continues to progress and get worse each day. Jeremy’s medical team has now informed him that a lifesaving liver transplant is his only option to survive; without this lifesaving surgery, Jeremy’s life as he knows it, will sadly and tragically come to an abrupt end.

Jeremy has worked hard his whole life in the food services industry. He has always been financially independent providing for his family and dedicated to his profession. Unfortunately, this has recently changed as he is out of work and unable to financially make ends meet. While he waits for his surgery, Jeremy is temporarily living with his adult daughter and husband, and he must now rely on the two of them until he is able to return to work. More than ever, Jeremy looks forward to his transplant surgery and regaining his independence, returning to work, and becoming self-sufficient once again. Over the past 15 years, Jeremy’s coworkers have become his family – he greatly misses each and every one of them and is anxiously waiting for the day he can return to work.

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October 9, 2015

Jeremy's a great friend and co worker who's needing all of our help please everyone any amount will help.

Annette and David

October 8, 2015

Love ya saved my life once!! Praying for you and a transplant...