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At the young age of 25, Ken Hampton quit his bank job to join the U.S. Army and dedicate his life to fulfill his patriotic duty. He would still be serving his country as a Military Police Officer, if it wasn’t for a devastating heart problem that sidelined him.

While serving his country overseas in Korea, Ken contracted a serious virus, which unbeknownst to his doctors at the time, severely weakened his heart muscles. Ken was medically discharged from the Army, when they later discovered he was suffering from a severe case of cardiomyopathy, or a condition that makes it harder for the heart to pump and deliver blood to the rest of Ken’s body. This condition led to heart failure, and Ken now needs a lifesaving heart transplant. Without a transplant, Ken will remain in the hospital and continue to grow sicker each day that passes — his time here will eventually run out.

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February 15, 2018

Just completed my anniversary angiogram since my transplant 2 years ago. As you can see we are about half way to our goal to help with still crushing bills that we incurred. Please share our story so that we can meet our goal. Thank you.

October 10, 2017

Hello to all my friends and thank you for your support and kind wishes. Although I have progressed to the every 3 month follow-up stage there have been a few setbacks. Even if you are doing everything that you are supposed to, I had a rough bout with something all transplant patients have to deal with. It’s called CMV (cytomegalovirus). It is the most common and single most important viral infection a solid organ transplant recipient can have. Due to my depressed immune system and some of the lifetime medications I must always be wary.Fortunately we noticed the symptoms early, but it still took it’s toll. So even though recovery is progressing an additional level of vigilance is now included. But like the man says, “it sure beats the alternative”.

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December 6, 2018

Thank you for your service and I hope you are doing ok.

Deborah Link

December 5, 2018

Help is on the way brother...


January 20, 2017

Hey Ken. Glad I checked in. Sorry I missed the November campaign day. I enjoyed "Ken Hampton, Fun with Heart Transplants" video. You sound healthy in the video so hope you are still doing well for the holidays.


October 25, 2016

Thank you so much for your service. I live in Las Vegas and would be happy meet you! God bless you Sir.

Debbie Persi