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GREAT NEWS! Caitie received the gift of life – a new liver – on October 26, 2015 She is doing well and is being released from the hospital soon. Keep checking back for updates.

Caitie Bailey, the daughter of DeWayne and Laura Bailey has become very ill as a result of a liver disease that she was born with called Biliary Atresia. Most people born with Biliary Atresia need a liver transplant early in life or never live past the age of two. Caitie, being the strong willed person that she is, has beat those odds by many years; however, now her doctors have said she will need a liver transplant. She has been listed for transplant and is currently hospitalized at St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston.

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November 4, 2015

As most of you know – CAITIE GOT A LIVER!!! YAY! She’s doing great, she’s awake, talking and ready to get up and walk!

October 18, 2015

Caitie got to come home for the weekend and spend some time with family. They will be heading back to Houston today with the RV. Thank you for all the continued prayers, our girl will get her miracle!

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October 25, 2015

I forgot to include Mrs. Krahn! She sends her well wishes also!

Linda Wilson

October 25, 2015

I know I speak for all your instructors at CLTCC when I say that I have never seen a student more driven and dedicated to getting her LPN education. There were days when we knew you did not feel good, but yet you did not want to miss class. When you told us you has to go to Houston, it was as though you were willing to risk everything to finish the semester, which was nonsense. You needed to go and we all knew that and we are so glad she did. Our hope is that you will get this liver transplant soon. Just know that all of the faculty, staff and students of class 23 at CLTCC are lifting you up in our prayers daily. Keep that chin up Caitie. We know how strong you are! We love you and look forward to your return!

Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Tiffee, Mrs. Lipsey, Mrs. Odom, Mrs. Lewis, and Mrs. Ater and your fellow students from Class 23!!

September 29, 2015

God has you in His hands and will never leave you, Caitie! You are special. Stay strong! All my love! ❤️

Ms Rae

September 26, 2015

we are praying for you caitie beth... we love you!!! Hope you are having a good day

kell and jacob