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Born at 24 weeks gestation, this lil boy came into the world fighting a fight. With all the odds against him and through many, many hospital stays,surgeries and near death experiences THIS LIL’ MAN PUSHED THROUGH! Against all odds, Vincent is growing up. Now 15 years old, Vincent is ready to get the most out of life. Many of you who know me know my right hand man Vinny cause he’s always by my side — I take him everywhere. We go to football games, cheer leading competitions, the movies and the zoo, or the museum or the park. He goes anywhere and everywhere his wheelchair can go — he loves every minute of it. I also attend school and doctor visits.

Vinny now needs the help of his community to raise funds for a new “ride.” We have been blessed to be out and about town thanks to a 14-year-old van. Needless to say, we have put many, many miles on “Old Betsy” and she’s nearing her last lap. She is the main reason why Vinny has been able to enjoy his life to the fullest — but I doubt she will make it through another winter. We have done all the necessary maintenance to keep her afloat, but time has taken it’s toll on all of her moving parts. If that happens, keeping Vinny mobile will be hard to impossible to handle due to all of his equipment (wheelchair etc.).
Please help us keep Vinny mobile. No donation is too small.

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December 14, 2017

Vinny had his second surgery yesterday and is still stable , the surgeons tried to close his belly up but were only partially successful.

My hope is that when Vinny recovers they he will have new reliable transportation to go home with,

I have posters pictures in his album of the van we are interested in raising money for to purchase.

We appreciate all donations, prayers and support.



December 13, 2017

Vincent was admitted to the hospital for a bowel obstruction that nearly almost cost him his life, by the grace of god we made it to the hospital in time.

Vinny has had two surgeries to fix his bowel and even though he is stable he is along way from recovery. Please keep Vinny in your prayers.

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February 18, 2016

Thanks Darlene we really appreciate your contribution.
thank you,
The Davis-Diallo family


February 15, 2016

I have written down the address, will be sending something. I know gow important it is for everyone to get out and about and interact with others. God bless

Darlene Taylor