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James Tucker, a loving husband and father, was involved in a life-changing, tragic automobile accident at the very young age of 31. That tragic day in 1997 left James paralyzed from the waste down. He suffered a C-3 complete vertebrae injury, that left his spinal cord severed, and a partial quadriplegic. James has limited use of his torso and upper body, but is able to drive and use his hands to help him get around. His life has forever changed from his automobile accident, but James still aspires to be the hardworking, healthy and outgoing family man he used to be. As a career, James worked hard in the construction business to support his growing family.

Today, due to his injury James has stopped working, but his injury hasn’t stopped him from volunteering, staying active in his church, and making the best of his life. Despite his many obstacles, James has made the best of his situation and has devoted much of his time to his family, friends and helping others in need through his church. James is an active member and volunteer at the Miracle Temple Salt and Light Ministries Church, located in Lamar, Mississippi. His passion is to help others in need; James even desires to get more involved in his community, but for now it is time to reach out and help this deserving man during this time of financial need.

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