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As many of you know, Ryan has dealt with kidney issues most of his life. As a young child, deteriorating kidney function was not diagnosed correctly and by the time the doctors understood what was going on, it was too late to repair the damage to his kidneys. He has endured daily catheters most of his life and now his kidneys are in complete failure. Ryan is on dialysis three days per week for four hours each time. This is keeping him alive.

Previously, Ryan was on the way to kidney transplantation, having all of the required tests, when doctors found cancer in his thyroid. After removing it and waiting a year for the cancer to be completely out of his body, they are finally moving ahead with the kidney transplant! Ryan’s Aunt Judy has selflessly stepped up to donate a kidney to Ryan. Her kidney is a perfect match for him and the surgery is scheduled for January 2016. Judy’s generous gift of life will have Ryan well on his way to a normal, healthy life again.

Updates (4)

February 2, 2016

Transplant is Feb 2nd @ 8am. Please pray for a speedy recovery for both Ryan and Aunt Judy who is so graciously giving her kidney!

January 7, 2016

Thanks you everyone for your support!!


March 15, 2016

Peterson-Chase Office sends our best wishes for you... hope to see you sometime at our new office!


November 25, 2015

My Son from another Mother. I love you tons and l see a beautiful future coming your way XO

Momma Mercier

November 24, 2015

Love you Ryan!


November 24, 2015

Love you bro! Stay strong! !