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*Updated Profile Dec 10, 2020…you will still be able to read posts that were made of our earlier journey.

Dear Friends, Family and Community,

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January 8, 2021

Jan 7,2021

Today was my beloved husband’s Celebration of Life Service! We had a beautiful tribute to him. I am so thankful for the outpouring of love and encouragement from all of you.

Thank you to those who were able to be in person and for those who watched it virtual. How cool was that!

I also want to thank you for your financial contributions, the stories, the laughs and the tears that were shared.

He will be forever in our hearts. Heaven is Sweeter with you there!

December 21, 2020

21 December 2020

It has been a very difficult journey since 3 December 2020; our LVAD Warrior has fought extremely hard. His heart was extremely tired and unable to fight off the bacterial pneumonia.

He wasn’t responding and clinically they couldn’t figure out what type of infection was now causing him to do a downward spiral.

I made a request to do a FaceTime with my SIL, BIL and nephew. In hope that having us all on the call he might rally once again. Sadly he began to decline as we were on the call. We had to end our call.

Through the night his status was considered “Grim” on 16 December 2020, where his O2 levels and BP were dangerously low.

I kept receiving updates, but not given clearance to be by his bedside until just about midnight. However, we had an ice storm and it was dangerous for me to go to him. I called a friend early morning to see if he could drive me down before 10 AM. I was so thankful that he was able to and we headed down.

I came to grips through the night, had minimal sleep. The team called early morning with an update. I knew what I had to do, once I was there. My husband had a DNR and there was no chance his status was going to turn around.

My SIL and I spoke that morning, we cried and we prayed that I could get there to hold his hand. We knew it was the hardest thing for us to do.

Knowing Cliff he wouldn’t want to be a burden, not have quality of life, etc.

I arrived and the team rounded; giving me time with him. I was so thankful for making it to his bedside.

We surrounded him and a Chaplain prayed right before we turned off the life support and the LVAD. I sat and held his hand, talked to him until he was gone.

(17 July 1969 -17 Dec 2020) RIP my Love you have gained your wings! Heaven is sweeter with you there.

I will love you forever and I am so thankful you were my husband for 5 years. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend this journey with anyone else.

We ARE TEAM C❤️LBERT & Always will be.

I took the last picture of us holding hands, but this time had someone else take it because I didn’t want to let go.

My SIL, Heather titled it “Until Death Do Us Part”

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January 5, 2021

God Bless You Cliff may you rest in Peace! You are a Beautiful Soul!

Brian Roselli

December 24, 2020

May Cliff’s memory be always for a blessing.


December 22, 2020

We join with your loving supporters to extend our heartfelt condolences to Kim and all family and friends. We wish you peace, comfort, and love during this difficult time.

The Staff of Help Hope Live

December 17, 2020

Cliff - you fought a 22 year battle with grace, determination and a spirit that I was amazed at many times. I don't know if I could have done what you managed to do these last few years. We know your dedication to sharing your illness and LVad pump needs with the Philadelphia region will help other families in need in the future. May you rest in peace. We will watch out for Kim, as I know you will be doing as well. We will miss you! - Heather, Joel and John

Heather Eckert