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Two years ago, at 28 years old, I came down with what felt like influenza. After months of on-going testing I was diagnosed NASH & Wilsons disease, two genetic liver diseases. I was advised that I would one day need a liver transplant. My Husband Jayman and I were completely shocked and scared. I decided immediately that I wasn’t going to be a victim of my illness and I spent the following two years getting fit, eating healthy and staying positive. I was able to get myself into the best shape of my life.

Unfortunately on July 24, 2015 my gallbladder needed to be removed during emergency surgery. The general surgeon who performed the surgery also decided to remove a piece of my liver in order to biopsy. Three days later, I was in the ER where we learned that I had several severe complications as a result of trauma from the surgery. I was admitted immediately and spent a week in the hospital receiving blood transfusions. During the hospitalization, the medical team determined that it was time to be evualuated for a liver transplant and was listed on July 31, 2015.