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Kim Chandler is a 56-year-old Registered Nurse at First Health Moore Regional Hospital. She has worked in Behavioral Health helping others for over 25 years. She loves spending any free time away from work with her family and adores the beach. Kim is very much a free, loving spirit who has always had a desire to help others. Now she is the one who needs our help. Kim is in need of a kidney transplant and it will require the help of her family, friends and community to make it happen.

At the age of 14, Kim encountered a Streptococcus bacterial infection (Strep Throat), a common infection many of us see in our lifetime that landed her in the hospital for treatment. As a result, Kim developed a rare condition called post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis that produces acute kidney failure following a strep infection. There is no specific treatment or cure for this condition and any treatment is focused only on relieving symptoms such as high blood pressure. Over the years, Kim’s condition has progressed from acute to chronic kidney failure and now end-stage kidney disease. Kim is in the process of starting dialysis and her only chance to return to good health is a kidney transplant.

Updates (1)

June 3, 2016

Kim is well on her way to learning the dialysis process and should be starting in the coming weeks. I have updated her page with a motorcycle ride and fundraiser set for July 16th in Sanford NC so we hope to have a large support group there that day. Keep the prayers and support coming as they are truly needed. Thank you to those who have donated already! She and her family appreciate ALL you have done! ~ Angela Brannan


May 3, 2016

Thoughts and Prayers are sent to you and the family! Your a strong lady, you got this!!!

Kevin, Lisa & Justin Cleary

January 15, 2016

Kim our prayers and thoughts are with you, Todd and are strong and have a very loving family. With Gods Grace prayers will be answered! God Bless..

Micki Johnson

January 15, 2016

I'm with you all the way Kim. I wish strength, prayers to you and Todd on this new journey.
Love you