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Tammy Evans is a 50 year-old woman who is struggling with liver failure, or end- stage-liver-disease. The loving mother of four children, and grandmother to five, Tammy worked as a Quality Aerospace Engineer before her liver started to fail. Over the years, her condition has progressed, and Tammy eventually lost the ability to work. She experiences profound fatigue, and many serious symptoms. She has been hospitalized and is now unable to function properly. As a result, Tammy is out of work, and her 21 year-old daughter, Andrea has taken over the responsibility of caring for her full-time. Tammy’s doctors have told her that without a lifesaving liver transplant, her condition will continue to progress and her time will quickly run out.

Tammy was born in Tennessee but moved to California in her teens. She raised four children while working full-time, and was the best mother anyone could ask for. She started classes to help her career and trained to become an Aerospace Engineer. She traveled to Europe every year for her job, and enjoyed supporting her family while working hard. However, Tammy’s life quickly took a turn for the worse when out of the blue she became seriously ill and her life was thrown into a spiral. After many close calls and months in the hospital due to liver failure, Tammy finally regained her health and came home. She is still standing tall after all the curve balls life has thrown at her, but she desperately needs your help.

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