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In November of 2018 I had my left leg amputated, it was just a few short months after having my right leg amputated in the summer of 2018. Some of you know my story, but for those of you who don’t I will give you more details shortly. But first I want to tell you that I still need your help to become independent.

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August 20, 2018

HI everyone, Twilight Wish Foundation has granted my wish for a trip to Yankee Stadium. On September 15th, celebrating my 60th birthday, me and a friend will travel by van to Yankee stadium and attend the Yankees game against the Toronto Blue Jays. Included in the package are two Yankee Legend Suite seats, meeting with former Yankee players and an all you can eat buffet. This is a great gift and Ican’t wait to get to Yankee Stadium.

And there’s more… In November an old friend is taking me to see Elton John at Madison Square Garden. This is Sir John’s final tour and I’m really glad that I will have the opportunity to see him live in New York.

Also, as I mentioned, I’ve started painting again and I will soon put some of my pictures up for auction. Details will follow soon.

Thank you

December 20, 2017

My campaign and art projects were featured in the latest Help Hope Live holiday Blog post! See it here:

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February 6, 2017

Hi Jane, I hope my donation helps you get your wheelchair soon. Stay strong and God Bless you. Will keep you in my prayers.

- Madelyn Estornell Simon

January 12, 2017

Hi Jane, I hope my donation will help you in your recovery. I am recovering from hip replacement surgery & I had a MRSA infection before surgery. It is my privilege to help a Seton Sister. Best regards & continued progress.

Kathleen Flanagan

March 7, 2016

I'm happy to see the progress you are making. I know it's been a long, hard road. May your light continue to shine brightly.

Kay Osborn

December 10, 2015

Jane - I hope the cushion is giving you relieve and hope you can get the chair very soon. Best of luck to you - your story and meeting you at Delaire truly touched me.

Yissel Yi