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August 25, 2021

On august 8 I returned to Yankee with my friend Peggy.w enjoyed a game against the Seattle Mariners.
Our seats were right behind home plate field level.
Thank you to the Yankees Cristina Campana who donated he handicap seats.
It was a great biofuels the game.
On September 19 I will return to Yankee stadium with 4 tickets to see the Yankees play the Cleveland Indians.this time I will take my sister and 2 friends from my high school mother seton.
The mvp tickets were won at the mother seton tricky tray.
As my independence continues to progress mylife is growing by leaps and bounds .
Enjoying a full unrestricted life.

August 22, 2021

As my quest for the ultimate in independence continues I returned to Kessler after my wounds of life had finally healed.
A big shout out to dr Zeitels of the Woundcare center with his extraordinary expertise helped healed my wounds finally after a 14 year saga of infection and problems.
I’m finally free to live my life free once and for all.
As I’ve returned to Kessler for further rehabilitation after the COVID-19 crisis a big shout to the staff with special support from Elizabeth and Maureen the best training group of special needs anyone could ask for.
At the present time I’m relearning how todo a transfer to gain even more independence.
My dream for total independence continue with hard work and a great attitude along with the help of the Kessler Instute staff.
My dream could not be possible without the great staff help and encouragement.

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October 25, 2021

Jane as I went to high school together. I am in awe of all she has done to maintain her independence! Her art work is amazing! I am very interested in the peacock picture.

Carol Vaughn

August 13, 2021



July 20, 2021

Thank you for the first Hope artwork you created for us!


December 2, 2020

Miss you Jane wishing you the best of luck

Laquanda Sanders