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Help Michael Get a Double Transplant

Michael Ediger is my 50-year-old husband of 26 years and supportive father to our three children. Michael has suffered from type-1 diabetes for the last 41 years and has handled the challenge with strength and grace. Most people would not even notice his difficulties. He has lived a very active life and has enjoyed spending time outdoors camping, hiking and bicycling.

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December 7, 2017

Feeling Grateful

Michael is home now and I just feel so blessed to have him back! This journey is not over and it may take a very long time before he feels like his ‘old self’ again, but he is on the mend and his white blood cell count has been improving slowly but surely. I love this man! God is taking care of us so very well!

I’m gonna take this opportunity to post pictures of some precious people! The wonderful, caring, truly talented team of docs, surgeons and nurses who made this all possible! I cannot begin to express our gratitude for all of these dedicated professionals! These are the ones I got pics of and we saw most. So many others were integral parts of Michaels team. We will never forget all of you! Thank You!

Pictures of The Team:

Pics, in order Dr. Ty Dunn, head transplant surgeon. Dr. Serrano, Fellow, Dr. Samy Riad, Dr. Raja, Medical Director, Susan & Lynn, nurses as the Advanced Treatment Center, and Mandy, nurse in 7A, Solid Organ Transplant wing at University of Minnesota Medical Center.

November 20, 2017

I am trusting God!

Michael had the HORRIBLE sweats the first 2 nights at home. Like a couple quarts on our bed. He didn’t take his temp middle of the night so we’re not sure if he had a fever those 2 nights or not. He didn’t feel very good either. The next afternoon he had almost a 101 temp so his transplant coordinator asked him to go to ER. That night he had a fever of 102. Then the next night 103. Last night 101.5. Still very bad for him. And it keeps coming back. That’s when Minneapolis decided they wanted him back. They are concerned about rejection. Please pray. Another week or 2 away from home is not fun! Especially over Thanksgiving! We are really lucky to have friends in the area! God is so good! I actually feel relieved that he is in the hands of University of Minnesota Medical Center as they are truly great at what they do and can get to the bottom of what is going on! They have a vested interest in his health, and I feel like it’s not just medically. They care!

These times may seem crazy, but Gods timing is always perfect! Psalm 25:1 “In You, Lord my God, I put my trust!”

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August 28, 2016

I am praying really hard for both you and Michael! Debby you are the best and the sweetest cousin ever!

Diane Robert Powell

December 15, 2015

im sorry to hear ur sick.But you have the best family and the best healer of them all God has a purpose for u micheal dont give up ur faith in god will heal u send lo e from my famy to urs.

Jesaica trembley ur old neighber girl

December 15, 2015

Mike, we made a donation today. You impressed us when you did work for us through Troy Fry.
Hoping for the best for you and your family.

Mike and Evelyn Elder (on Brittany Street)