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Charlie Palmer Needs Our Help.

As many of you may know, Charlie suffered a life-changing spinal cord injury following a skid/steer accident on Labor Day. Charlie has spent the last two months in two different hospitals, and is now in a rehab facility undergoing extensive rehab exercises and therapy. He is scheduled for release from Allied Rehab sometime in November. Charlie has regained some use of his arms, very limited use of his hands and no use, as yet, of his legs.

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June 13, 2017

They're a lot more people's names including the Lions Club of Towanda PA Ed branish Barbara branish. Jim Hillery and a lot more people thank you so much for all the support Charlie

June 13, 2017

as soon as I figure out how to add more pictures I will post them thanks again Charlie


October 7, 2017

Charlie & Robin, My visit with you over the labor day weekend marks the 2nd year anniversary of the accident...I am amazed and very impressed with the great attitude and spirit in which you've come through this challenge of adapting to the life changes that have been placed on your path...You said it best Charlie, "this is what a marriage is truly about", Robin's persistence, patience, professionalism as a nurse with a nurturing but strongly disciplined regimen of medications, diet, therapy schedules, and encouragement all laced with a love that shines above all the smoke. God bless you both. Stay strong and know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers and we will look forward to seeing you again soon, hopefully in Florida this winter! okay?

tony & jojo

December 19, 2015

Hello Charlie and Robin,
it was good to talk with you last week, and even better news that you are moving your left fingers, and starting to move the left foot toes. Keep pushing yourself and don't forget 2 months ago you could hardly see any fingers moving...soon you'll be making a fist, and tapping your foot. Be well.

Cousin Paul Plominski

December 10, 2015

You and Robin are always in our thoughts and prayers my friend.
Stay focused on the prize, work diligently toward the goal of wholeness and being all that you can be and know that our abilities and strength comes from Him who lives deep within us. God bless you both, in all ways, always!
tony & Joanne