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LaTeya Needs Your Help

LaTeya Dickens Green is raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses associated with her kidney transplant. LeTeya lives in Goose Creek, SC and is being treated at Carolina Medical Center.


October 17, 2007

Wow! LaTeya and Antonio God continues to amaze me to watch what HE has done. Antonio was the RAM in the bush that God sent to you over an year ago. Who would have ever know, God said he knows the plans he has for us plans to propser us and not to harm us and he has that PLAN for you and Antonio. Antonio words can't even express to you how much I feel about you given our daughter LIFE. And how you were so humble to let God USE YOU! We truly LOVE YOU with all our hearts, mind and soul. We know money, words or anything can't compare to what you did for our ENTIRE FAMILY. WE LOVE you for having a humble husband.


May 30, 2007

Hey Baby Girl, Looks like your BIG day is approcaching soon. God is and has been with us through it all and he will be with you and Antonio through the surgery. We have 2 or 3 more test to go and we have to pray that God picked him as your match and husband. I am looking to him for all answers for you and this family. Without Faith it is going to be impossible to please him

Love MOMMIE Linda Teixeira

January 26, 2007

teya,i want to wish you the very best when it is time for your transplant..i know the family on the southeast coast are praying for success..Mert and Barbara always keeps me inform on what is going positive,keep the faith and the Lord will bless you and your donor..with love

Aunty Theresa and Uncle Al

November 30, 2006

Hey sweetie, If I don't say it enough that I LOVE YOU, I TRULY LOVE YOU. People have no idea what you go through daily, but I am grateful for the ones who do, and the ones who have emailed you and knows your condition. You are one of the strongest persons I know. Remember what God says to Trust Him and lean not to your own understanding, but to acknowledge him in all your ways and He will direct your path God knows the plans it has for you! I LOVE YOU LOVE MOMMIE AKA MOM

Linda Teixeira (MOM) AKA MOMMIE