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On July 31, 1993, I got in the car with a friend who was too drunk to drive, and while exiting the highway, he lost control of the truck which flipped several times until we finally landed upside down in the grassy area of the off-ramp. I suffered a spinal cord injury which caused permanent paralysis from my chest down.

Before this accident, I was self-absorbed, irresponsible, and self-destructive. I had no direction, no purpose, and lived life with no regard to how my personal choices affected those closest to me; my mom, dad, and 3 year old daughter and 4 year old son. On that fateful night, concerned only with my own happiness, I chose to party with “friends” and leave my parental responsibilities to a relative. Toward the end of the night, I offhandedly tossed my truck keys to my friend saying, “I’m too drunk to drive.” I don’t remember having a thought as to gravity or danger of the situation I had placed myself in; I just drunkenly sang along with the music and enjoyed the ride.

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December 1, 2017

Urgent financial help needed!

November 20th, Jim and I decided that we would travel to Trussville AL, to visit my family. I have not been out of Florida in 10 yrs, so needless to say I was excited! I made sure to have my van serviced because I didn’t want to break down on the side of the interstate. Despite my best efforts, my van gave up the ghost just 8 miles north of Ocala. Several hours later a tow truck arrived, talking my worn out van to a service station. Long story short, I made the 95 mile trip home by taxi.
Now having no transportation, I started searching for a newer van and thankfully I found a wheelchair van with only 30,400 miles on it. I am short $454 of making my down payment. If anyone is willing to help me please send your tax deductible donation to my fundraising campaign page @ HELPHOPELIVE.

January 18, 2017

Wow! 2016 went by in a flash. 2017 is filled with limitless possibilities, adventures, and challenges I know God will see me through. Although others may look at my fundraising goal as too lofty or insurmountable, I know nothing is impossible with God! Old Betsey (that’s what I call my current van) is gonna be ready for retirement in the not so distant future. I want to be ready Please prayerfully consider donating to help me purchase a newer wheelchair accessible van. No amount is too small. How did the tiny mouse eat an entire elephant? One bite at a time!


October 17, 2016

Michelle, We hope you meet your goal very soon, we love you very much.

Connie & Dad

September 20, 2016

Be careful

Brooklyn pippin