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Molly Needs Your Help

We are sending this letter with heavy, yet hopeful hearts. As many of you know, our sweet beautiful middle daughter, Molly is in renal failure. She was born and diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease, which was later changed to Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney Disease. In the past 18 months her kidney function has been steadily decreasing. She is going to be on dialysis until she receives a life-saving kidney transplant.

Updates (100)

July 2, 2020

Praise God we’re home!! Dogs are overexcited to see Molly and I!! Mocha is telling us stories!! Reese’s just trying to get close but Mocha making herself known, as normal!

Long day, more tests and still no results on testing done yesterday so now it’s waiting for results.

Making dinner and trying to get back into routines.

Tomorrow it’s back to “normal” for all which means everyone’s everywhere lol, but that’s how we do. I’ll have my mom taxi hat back on, Bill, Molly and Margo all work and tomorrow is Meg’s birthday, ever so thankful we can be home to celebrate together!

Thank you from bottom of all our hearts for the love, support and prayers, means more then words can say!

We’ll post an update once we know more, have appts follow ups and such in coming weeks/months.

All our love, enjoy a safe, Happy, Healthy Independence Day weekend!

July 2, 2020

We’ve had long wait today but this afternoon she finally got in for her testing and then back into room where was knocked out for hours. I was awake a bit but I also had allergic reaction to lunch I was brought (should’ve listened to my gut) but this trip I’ve got Benadryl in like 6 places so no ER call to Dianne for delivery of Benadryl! So I also slept some!

She finally got to eat dinner around 6 (first food or drink since midnight) so she was very happy! We’ve spent the day playing cards, watching the clouds and resting. Tonight we’ve played cards again and she’s enjoying the huge art set they brought her along with things to journal, at watching Food Network!

She’s allowed to do laps out in hallway now but I’m not. So I’m doing laps around room which is better then nothing.

God willing, one more dose of meds in morning and we’re outta here. She’s upset she’s missing work tomorrow, but not allowed per doc!

Once we know results we’ll update, but can be awhile we’re told for full report, praying for nothing big!


October 13, 2018

Love you Molly and always here for you

Lisa McVaugh

February 6, 2017

You and your family are in our daily prayers. We appreciate you keeping us updated on Molly's health. Thank you and God Bless.


February 3, 2017

Prayers to Molly, Lisa and the whole family. God is with you.

Karen Blaisure

February 2, 2017

Wonderful news to hear you're home. Prayers answered again.

Nana and PopPop