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We are sending this letter with heavy, yet hopeful hearts. As many of you know, our sweet beautiful middle daughter, Molly is in renal failure. She was born and diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease, which was later changed to Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney Disease. In the past 18 months her kidney function has been steadily decreasing. She is going to be on dialysis until she receives a life-saving kidney transplant.

Molly is a loving and smart daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and good friend to many. She is active in the band, loves to dance, loves archery, participates in all school functions, and volunteers to help others. At times it is hard to look at her and all that she does and remember how fragile her body is becoming. At the encouragement of her doctors and transplant team we are allowing her to do everything she feels she is capable of doing as long as she is able.

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February 14, 2018

Praising God for good weather and safe travels yesterday and today on way home (truck traffic was awful)

Molly had another check up and we got to stay over night at the Ronald McDonald House in Syracuse and ran into Montrose School family and spent part of evening with her! Hugs and prayers for you and Miss Stella!!

If you’ve never had to stay at Ronald McDonald be thankful….but I can truly not say ENOUGH great things about Ronald McDonald Houses!!! The love, support, “normalcy” (if you can have that going thru the variety of things you do when you need to be there) and just the nice place to stay with food and company if you want it or not! The staff and volunteers who make it all happen, the people who donate, the businesses who donate, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
Ronald McDonald House becomes your home away from home and no matter how long after we “graduate out” we will always support them for being there for us and so many others in our community!!

We went to doctors today and was shocked this morning when it was colder at home then up in Syracuse!! I literally went with only my sweater this afternoon until home, then I needed my winter coat!

Oh and went back up to our room to have beautiful Valentines slide under door!! Again thank you RMH!!

Still waiting for results of Bloodwork but unless something funky we’re good with that doctor until August so that’s good!

Next appt., to our knowledge will be with both Molly and Margo and so thankful for doctors that are willing to work together to save us repeated trips around same time!!

Thank you for continued thoughts and prayers for our family, we truly know it’s God supporting us thru it all. He allows the money to come or enough so we can juggle all, again God makes it happen, he gives us strength and healing even the crazy we call life. Still trying to double and triple check that Molly’s billing being redone and processed correctly….continually told not to worry it’ll work out… but it’s been my battle and worry for over 2 years that’s not going to go away just because they say the date is fixed….I want to still know the true balance and figure out plans for paying! But I’m trying to!! Got my girl to dance so she was happy!


January 11, 2018

Its been awhile for an update on Molly. We last went up on Halloween and then we’ve had the busy crazy Thanksgiving and Christmas times with all those normal germs and bugs and local doctor appts. for those things.

We hope everyone had a great safe New Year!

Molly and I went up last night, so beautiful blue skies and no snow and I took winter coat with me but didn’t need it for the drive up.

Got to our home away from home, the Ronald McDonald House and ate our dinner, gave Cindy a big chuckle when she saw how Molly had labeled the bag with GF cookie bars so no one ate them….Eat these and You WILL DIE!!!! Got to visit with her for a few minutes and then up to our room. Elevator out, so I’m so thankful we were on 2nd floor and not higher, my knees wouldn’t have liked that at all, protested enough on 2nd.

Molly and I watched Food Network watching of course….Duff and remembering our trip and time with him….then switched over for one of our favorites The Good Doctor!

Molly went to sleep and I stayed up and Molly was talking to me in her sleep again and following along with things on TV and it’s freaky when she does it and has no recollection of it!

Up this morning over to hospital after wake up call from Bill and provide April with Registration a brand spanking newly corrected Medicare card with CORRECT start date!!! Over 2 years after Transplant and in appeal process, the right department in Medicare fixed her card and information Hallelujah!!!

Molly wearing her new leggings bought because of colors are #DonateLife colors!

Get to lab, go back for blood draw and girl comments no bloodwork orders for transplant today?? Um yes, that’s why we’re here….none for that Dept., a few for another doctor so I then went over to transplant to get orders.

When saw Dr, she wondered why they didn’t check certain levels and I said nothing in computer this morning so thought they called you, nope ordered normal ones, but Miss Molly not “normal” lol so when we go to other doctor next month she’s adding that one.

She sets date, asks if already scheduled to come up in April and I said yes, gave her to dates Margo has appts up there and she’s wonderful going to see Molly in morning of one of those visits to save us a 3rd trip!!

After checking out I’m literally
Carrying MY purse with van keys clinking on strap and ask Molly where are my keys?? realized what I said….turned to her and said “omg I need coffee” her chuckles and at least I gave the two NYS corrections officers something to laugh at….get out to van and going down ramp and almost get hit by silver SUV lady who must’ve thought COFFEE was at top of parking garage and they were running out because geesh she was speeding and hogging my side.

Had a rude lady cut me off in line at DD, guess she needed her coffee quicker or something…
And of course the day Molly and I don’t bring our eggs at Ronald Mcd…no gf cereal so breakfast is hodgepodge and not Doc approved, shhh don’t tell doctor

Go back up and wait and wait for call about labs, finally decide if they’ve not called by now it’s gotta be good. While Molly grabbing parking pass from car the doctor calls and says I don’t know what’s up with lab, but Molly needs to make sure drinking all water and other level still not back so I told doctor, ok but we’re heading home so let’s hope it’s good!
Drove back in sleety snowy white gray skies until Castle Creek.

Note to those driving and stop at Wendy’s in Cortland…the dining room will be closed starting next week and they set tentatively scheduled until the mid/end February BUT drive thru will be open.

Got home in time for her to snuggle Reese’s and head to dance!

Praise God for good travels and visit even with few bumps in trip.

Please lift our friend Ann in thoughts and prayers as she’s been in and out of hospital and not feeling good with her Chemo treatments so they’re going to adjust things.

Thank you for continued thoughts and prayers for our family, we truly know it’s God supporting us thru it all. He allows the money to come or enough so we can juggle all, again God makes it happen, he gives us strength and healing even the crazy we call life. Some days I wonder how it’s all going to work, juggling appointments, money, co-pays, battling with Insurance companies and pencil pushers, and so far we’re staying afloat! And Praise his name they fixed her start date and now doctors and hospital have to redo all billing but it’s not on me!!!



February 7, 2017

You and your family are in our daily prayers. We appreciate you keeping us updated on Molly's health. Thank you and God Bless.


February 4, 2017

Prayers to Molly, Lisa and the whole family. God is with you.

Karen Blaisure

February 3, 2017

Wonderful news to hear you're home. Prayers answered again.

Nana and PopPop

February 3, 2017

Prayers for you sweet girl