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We are sending this letter with heavy, yet hopeful hearts. As many of you know, our sweet beautiful middle daughter, Molly is in renal failure. She was born and diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease, which was later changed to Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney Disease. In the past 18 months her kidney function has been steadily decreasing. She is going to be on dialysis until she receives a life-saving kidney transplant.

Molly is a loving and smart daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and good friend to many. She is active in the band, loves to dance, loves archery, participates in all school functions, and volunteers to help others. At times it is hard to look at her and all that she does and remember how fragile her body is becoming. At the encouragement of her doctors and transplant team we are allowing her to do everything she feels she is capable of doing as long as she is able.

Updates (100)

March 15, 2019

New update (3-12-2019) on Molly and Billy Joe…..long read….

I think I could write a horror novel about the travels on 81 to Syracuse and the return trips, parking ramps and elevators!! Let me just say I’m glad our guardian angels helped me duck and weave!

We left yesterday to a sunny 46 degrees, literally almost walked out the door without my winter coat, but Margo was like truly you’re heading to Syracuse! So thankful she pushed me to take it, Cortland is was down to 35 degrees, when we pulled into Ronald McDonald House it was a chilly brisk 33 with snow falling like what the heck! New procedures and things there but we got settled and enjoyed our Boy Scout chicken we’d brought. Upstairs to watch the Good Doctor to which we all decided it wasn’t the cliffhanger we thought it would be.

Awoke to snow and yeah I had an awful experience with elevator (those that know me know my total fear of elevators and lets just say it wasn’t nice). To get over to parking garage where everyone thought it was Grand Prix in there so not enjoyable. Got over to lab checked in and waited, Molly’s doctor comes in on her way back to her office as we’ve waited past our scheduled time, but she’s great and comes back thru the maze of 2 hospitals and an office building to come back! Talked about Molly being a senior, future plans, and Meg, I didn’t go into ugly cry at mention of Molly being senior!
Not all labs back but tells us she’ll call hopefully before next appt at 1 with other specialist and we set next appt and Thank you Dr Huang for willing to see us when we’ve got an already scheduled appt for margo so one combined trip instead of two… Grand Prix to be able to go get my much needed coffee before going back to Ronald McDonald for breakfast. We go back up to our room to chill out (ok I admit it I got a nap because this country girl doesn’t sleep well in the city!)
Check out and again slight elevator issues (but only for me, Molly had taken load down while I did sweep of room) new procedures not fully working, but we got in van and on way to next appt.

As we’re pulling into next doctors appt phone rings it’s Dr Huang, some lab work done, few changes and tweaks to Meds and I know you’ve gotta go into Dr I. appt so I’ll let you go. Go into other appt right on Dot of time and apologize for hold up. Check in lady is awesome and starts asking Molly the ?? Have you been out of country….oh never mind you wouldn’t have had time since you’re last appt today and her and Molly share a birthday. Get called back and Dr. I is awesome and he also had few changes and we asked few ?? and he said rather he had having Molly be stabbed again today for blood work the next time we go as Dr Huang ordered bring this order and we’ll check a few things we had ?? on. He asked when we come back to see Dr Huang and he pulls out his calendar and says then I’ll see you that day at this time (when I explained about Margo’s appt he made it earlier) and said he’d send a note to front desk telling them to MAKE the appt as he directed no matter what. We go to check out and lady laughs and says hmmm I’ll have to try and override computer to make this appt but if that’s what he wants!

Molly and I had drove home to eat a very late lunch or early lupper lol and home in enough time to unload car, snuggle pups, Margo to return a call about a job (WooHoo she starts Thursday) and head to dance.

We’re all home, settled for School, mom wide awake and busy day again tomorrow. Huge thank you to Bill for taking morning to take Dad to his first wound care appt while I took care of Molly.

Prayers appreciated for new Meds/doses and for future blood work! Thank you for always keeping us in thoughts and prayers.


August 29, 2018

Its been awhile for an update on Molly. We last went up on as School was getting out and then we’ve had the summer which was just busy with Molly working at Bible Conference, Megan moving out, running with appts for our family and dad and then Harford Fair project push to get books and posters ready to bam, yesterday was first day of Molly’s Senior year at vo-tech (Which she couldn’t miss) to today follow up appt in Syracuse, which meant she missed her first official day of Montrose High School as a senior. Molly shrugged, it’s ok I made it to vo-tech!!

We hope everyone had a great safe summer!

Molly and I went up last night, much later then we intended and my poor hubby for a SOS Call not once but twice from me, we finally get on road and had normal butt wads encounters on our drive (I swear the van attracts them)

Got to our home away from home, the Ronald McDonald House and
Ordered GF pizza because we both forgot to get our dinner around and as our day went we had more issues, let’s just say I was ready to scream and cry (which I did once we got up to our room) and I’ve still got to fight that battle tomorrow.

Molly and I watched Food Network watching of course….Kids Baking Championship with our favorite Duff!!!

I stayed up and just couldn’t sleep finally fell asleep to be woke up to the sound of siren after siren so I started praying for all involved.

Up this morning over to hospital after wake up call from Bill and after having a very long slow short trip thanks to guy who pulled out in front of me to turn his flashers on and go 5 miles an hour literally, grr! Finally get into parking garage and again literally pulling nose of van into a parking spot when Mr. Dark haired guy in purple scrubs decided he couldn’t wait and walked RIGHT in my path and seriously lucky I didn’t hit him, have heart attack of both!
We get in, lady at registration was rude about my photo on file (from 3 years ago when hair was still dark and much shorter) to ask me if that’s really me…um yes….onto next desk and provide them with new Insurance card which conveniently came in mail Monday! To wait and wait and wait (Yasmine, we missed you today, the lab doesn’t run right without you!)

Mollys doctor sees us still waiting for labs and says she might have to run between the two bldgs as she’s got appts in her regular office starting at 9….well she was late because we didn’t get called into transplant room until almost 9:20 or maybe she ran back and forth.

Talked allot about labs and Meds, waiting for current BW before making decisions. BW locally in one month and back in October.
Biggest relief for us, as long as Molly is a student whether high school or College, she can remain with her doctor and not have to change at age of 18 (which, gulp is only a few short weeks away)!

Go back to Ronald McDonald House eat breakfast, go back upstairs and wait for afternoon appt. I know there’s stuff I’m supposed to be doing but feeling like brain not processing all, so just laid back down. Molly not feeling good, she’s cold, yes cold, almost has heat on in room and is bundled up under all bedding from bed!

Head to next doctor, again discuss things we need to wait for BW, but let’s make this change to Meds and if readings off go back on, see you in 6 month’s but know, Call if need in between

Head back to Ronald McDonald to reheat our lunch (leftovers from last night) and then clear out room and wait for original doctor to call with ya or nay to go home. While waiting remembered one call I needed to make and left message.
Literally Molly and I decide by 3:30-3:45 we’re done going home no matter what, and just as ready to go check out doctor calls she likes how things look, we’re good to go. So we got on road to drive home with shift change/rush hour traffic.

Stopped at the Scoop in WP on way home, after all the stress of night before we deserved a treat!

Got home to Reese’s kissing her and trying to kiss me and Marshy jumping and wanting his attention too, hearing all about Margo’s first day back at Montrose (where guidance didn’t put her in any of her classes as on her schedule as far as teachers side) and her second day at vo-tech, which she loves just like Molly!

Praise God for good travels and visit even with lots of bumps in trip.

Please lift our friend Lynn and his family in thoughts and prayers as his brother just passed away.

Thank you for continued thoughts and prayers for our family, we truly know it’s God supporting us thru it all. He allows the money to come or enough so we can juggle all, again God makes it happen, he gives us strength and healing even the crazy we call life. Some days I wonder how it’s all going to work, juggling appointments, money, co-pays, battling with Insurance companies and pencil pushers, and so far we’re staying afloat!



October 17, 2018

Love you Molly and always here for you

Lisa McVaugh

February 7, 2017

You and your family are in our daily prayers. We appreciate you keeping us updated on Molly's health. Thank you and God Bless.


February 4, 2017

Prayers to Molly, Lisa and the whole family. God is with you.

Karen Blaisure

February 3, 2017

Wonderful news to hear you're home. Prayers answered again.

Nana and PopPop