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Increasing Our Support: Fundraising Campaigns for Cancer and COVID-19

Help Hope Live is dedicated to remaining a beacon of hope, a force of good, and a source of ongoing support for the countless American families directly impacted by a medical crisis. We are proud to announce an immediate expansion of our fundraising support services to encompass two new communities: individuals living with cancer and individuals living with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

As with the other medical conditions that fall within our guidelines, an individual seeking our support for cancer or COVID-19 fundraising needs must have:

  • A proven medical need: we verify the medical condition of each of our clients directly with a medical professional.
  • A financial burden: all Help Hope Live clients have out-of-pocket medical and related expenses that relate to their condition.

For complete oversight, we will continue to review all campaign requests on a case-by-case basis (as we have done for decades).

Haven’t You Always Worked with Cancer Campaigns?

It is our policy to extend our fundraising help to as many individuals as possible with a proven medical and financial need. Traditionally, we have served cancer patients who sought a transplant as part of their treatment. We have now broadened our criteria to include all cancer diagnoses to ensure that more families living with cancer can access our fundraising help.

What Are Your Guidelines for COVID-19 Campaigns?

An individual can start a campaign if he or she:

  • Has tested positive for COVID-19
  • Has out-of-pocket medical needs related to the diagnosis that he or she cannot meet alone

How Can I Start a Campaign?

Answer a few preliminary questions in this campaign request to get started. You can submit this request on behalf of a family member or friend. Once your request has been approved, an application demonstrating medical and financial need must be completed by a patient or an authorized patient representative, such as their legal guardian or POA.

Which Expenses Can I Fundraise For?

As with other Help Hope Live campaigns, individuals can fundraise for medical and related out-of-pocket expenses that are linked to their diagnosis. We offer sample expenses in our FAQ.

Where Can I Get More Information?

You can learn more about fundraising campaigns with Help Hope Live on our FAQ page, including how we’re different from sites like GoFundMe and what kind of one-on-one support we can provide as you throughout your fundraising journey.

If you have specific questions about COVID-19 or cancer fundraising, or a question not addressed in our FAQ, reach out to us online or by calling 800-642-8399.

Written by Emily Progin