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‘He’s just so amazing’: Delaware boy remains positive despite losing leg in lawnmower accident

Zeke Clark

3-year-old Zeke Clark is in a building lobby with a cameraman from FOX 29 who is squatting down to match Zeke's height next to a tall black professional video recording camera. Zeke has light skin, short light blonde hair, a white sleeveless top and shorts, and bare feet with his right leg amputated just past the knee and wrapped in a bandage. He is holding a FOX 29 microphone in his right hand.

“I have no doubt that he’ll live a full life.”

We were delighted to learn that our friends at FOX 29 had caught up with 3-year-old Zeke Clark and his family at a recent prosthetic fitting.

Following an accident in June 2023, Zeke and his family are adjusting to the new normal of life with an amputation, including plenty of medical appointments, therapy sessions, and support.

Since June 12, the Help Hope Live campaign in Zeke’s honor has raised over $66,000 for amputation-related expenses insurance doesn’t fully cover.

“The future is a little unknown, but, in a really great way, because I know that he’ll be able to accomplish so much.”

Written by Emily Progin