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See Disbursements on Your Dashboard

You can see a list of disbursements on your Dashboard.

What Are Disbursements?

Disbursements are payments that Help Hope Live has made to cover medical expenses and related costs. When you submit a Fund Request Form to Help Hope Live, you are requesting a disbursement. Those disbursements appear on the disbursements list on your Dashboard.

Where to Find Disbursements

Disbursements toggle

Here’s how you can find a list of disbursements on your Dashboard:  

  1. Log in at using your email address and password 
  2. Click DASHBOARD 
  3. Scroll down to the new DISBURSEMENTS section 
  4. Click VIEW 
  5. Change the START DATE and END DATE as needed 
  7. Scroll down to view the list 
  8. If needed, click EXPORT LIST to download a copy 

What You’ll See

Disbursement of funds paid by Help Hope Live.

Here’s the information you’ll see associated with each entry on the disbursements list:  

  • Check number or ACH number  
  • Vendor name (may be an individual’s name for reimbursements)  
  • Date that check or ACH payment was made  
  • Amount of check or ACH payment
  • Payee address

How Soon Will Disbursements Appear?

The list of disbursements will update every Wednesday and Friday.

When Will Payments Arrive?

The date you see in the DATE column of the disbursements list represents the date Help Hope Live sent out a check or made an ACH payment 

From there, the arrival date and processing date associated with these payments will rely on the postal service or associated financial institution. 

Please wait until at least 10 days have passed since the payment date on the disbursements list before you follow up with our team.

Getting Help

Need assistance navigating this feature or other aspects of your Dashboard? Start by contacting your Client Services Coordinator via phone or email.

Written by Emily Progin