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Friends, family holding virtual fundraiser for founder of Litchfield County dance school

Donna M Bonasera

When she was struck down by a debilitating stroke in December, the community responded with love and support.

Professional dancer and instructor Donna Bonasera is a well-known name in her community. Following a 2021 stroke, supporters are rallying to provide help and hope through a fundraising campaign with Help Hope Live, including a May 14 “Tutu Trot” virtual 5K.

“This is all they do; help families with a medical crisis that needs help with medical bills”

As Donna waits to qualify for disability, funds raised will help to offset out-of-pocket medical costs including hospitalization expenses, co-pays, and physical therapy. Because she’s fundraising with Help Hope Live, donations will not jeopardize Donna’s eligibility for Medicaid and disability benefits.

“She fought me on this for a while, because she’s so proud. But people wanted to help… I said she has to let them help her.”

Within an hour, her campaign had raised $500. Within 24 hours, the campaign surpassed $2,500. Today, they’ve reached $7,600 towards an initial $10,000 goal.

Written by Emily Progin