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Valley Station man given second chance after double-lung transplant in Louisville, needs donations

Edward W Cardwell

Edward Cardwell is smiling and holding a sign that says Today is a Good Day as he sits in a living room chair. He has light skin, glasses, a gray goatee, and a blue beanie, and he is missing the oxygen tubes he is wearing in most other photos.

“What is a price of a life? For me, there is no cost.”

Diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 2015, Edward Cardwell reached a critical point in 2023 and joined the waiting list for a double lung transplant.

Seated in the passenger seat of a car, Edward Cardwell has light skin, glasses, and short gray-brown hair and he cradles a small dog in his left arm. He is wearing an oxygen breathing device over his nose and mouth.

12 days later on October 31, 2023, Edward received a life-saving transplant.

Edward and his wife, Michele, are facing a significant financial burden following the transplant, particularly because Edward was unable to work for more than 6 months prior to the surgery.

They turned to Help Hope Live to help offset tens of thousands of dollars in uncovered medical costs.

They’ve raised over $5,000 towards their initial $15,000 goal so far.

Edward says he now spreads the word about the power of organ donation, and he looks forward to returning to work when his health allows.

“It’s amazing to see how good people are…People do suit up and show up.”

Written by Emily Progin