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End-of-Year Tips and Updates

Does the end of the year put you in a reflective mindset?

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing one year ago as 2022 came to a close?

We can help you turn some of those reflections into a quick end-of-year letter to share with your community. We’ll also get you caught up on some powerful stories and moments you may have missed this month.

End-of-Year Fundraising

A graphic reads 7 tips for writing an end-of-year donation request with the Help Hope Live pledge figure logo in gray.

Did you know that December 30 and December 31 are the most significant giving days of the year?

It’s the perfect time to get a last communication out to your community.

Keep it short, easy to read, and personal. Include examples of how donations and support made a difference in your life over the past year.

For more tips and a full-length example, read our latest blog post:

Heart of a Warrior

The image is of Kevin Lopez and his family in his hospital room. Kevin is seen teary-eyed hugging his family. His arms are around a young boy and a woman. Kevin is bald and has glasses that he is holding in his hand. Shown in the image are suitcases in the background and medical machines. TEXT: Voices of Hope

“I was trying to stay strong, but inside, I was terrified…”

Client Ambassador Kevin Lopez is no stranger to pressure, hard work, or overcoming challenges—but even a father and veteran with a “warrior mindset” isn’t immune to the emotional ups and downs of a life-changing medical crisis.

As Kevin awaited and received a heart transplant, he went through a complex emotional journey that included triumphs, breakthroughs, highs, lows, depression, gratitude, and a whole lot of wisdom.

In our interview, you’ll learn nine of his powerful lessons learned:

A Mom's Reflections After Injury

TEXT: Voices of Hope My Afterlife: Guilt, Hope, & Meeting

“We had our whole life planned before this accident happened.”

The first year after a life-changing injury is a tapestry of emotional highs and lows, challenges, adjustments, and breakthroughs.

Holly Bosse has experienced every high and low over the past nine months as she and her 23-year-old son, Collin, continue to adjust to life after injury.

In our interview, Holly reflects on her experiences and emotions with total transparency, bringing us into her mind and heart. We know you’ll connect with her reflections as much as we did:

Ambassador Power!

Two photos bordered in teal. First: In a selfie at Abilities Expo Dallas in front of the Help Hope Live booth banners, Kevin Lopez and Barbara Brewer smile. Kevin has light brown skin, a bald head, and a short gray goatee with a bright red shirt, and he’s giving a peace sign. Behind him Barbara has light skin and shoulder-length brown hair with an abilities Expo badge—she is waving. Second: On the expo floor at Abilities Expo Dallas, Help Hope Live’s Kelly L Green is with 15-year-old Hallie, an adaptive bike recipient. Kelly has light skin, dark eyes, and dark hair in a ponytail. Hallie has light skin, a big smile with braces, and wavy shoulder length brown hair. She is operating her new adaptive bike with her hands—it is teal with Help Hope Live branding on the front.

“A year later, I am at the very same table but on the other side, sharing our story.”

We were joined by clients and Ambassadors at Abilities Expo Dallas this month, leveraging their firsthand experiences with fundraising to share our mission with the excited attendees of the 3-day disability community conference.

As they made their rounds, so did 15-year-old Hallie on her new Help Hope Live-themed adaptive bike:

If You Missed It...

Two images bordered in teal. The first is A photo of Commanders player KJ Henry's legs in red workout gear on the field wearing his Help Hope Live branded cleats. The cleats read Help Hope Live on the side with teal, white, and gray ombre detail. The second is a portrait photo of Help Hope Live Executive Director Kelly L Green. She has light skin, dark eyes, maroon lipstick, a black sleeveless dress, ad dark curly hair past her shoulders.

“Help Hope Live chose me. That’ll be a cause I’m linked with for the rest of my life.”

Football fans may have caught a flash of Help Hope Live teal on their TVs this month as Washington Commanders’ KJ Henry repped our nonprofit for the 2023 My Cause, My Cleats NFL initiative.

KJ is always quick to share how our one-on-one support backed his $100,000 fundraising push to help his father, Keith, receive a life-changing kidney transplant in 2022.

“I experienced firsthand the financial hardship this journey can have.”

For Kelly L Green, our Executive Director, this mission is truly personal. In an interview, get to know Kelly’s story and learn why she was inspired to transform her family’s connection to Help Hope Live into nonprofit leadership.

Raising a Cup of Kindness

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?

The lyrics of this classic New Year’s Eve anthem encourage raising “a cup of kindness yet” to honor times long past—auld lang syne.

With or without a cup of holiday cheer in hand, our team takes that sentiment to heart.

Being a part of this community means we’re always here to extend our cup of kindness to you. Whether you fundraise with us for a year, 10 years, or decades to come, you never leave our thoughts.

We see you, we care about you, and we welcome you in out of the cold to enjoy a cup of kindness with us—anytime.

Written by Emily Progin