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Monday, June 24, 2024

A Bike for Josie


On Monday, June 24, the Flyers Alumni Association will extend the impact of their annual Golf Invitational event at DuPont Country Club by gifting Josephine “Josie” Johnson with a customized adaptive bike through our Every Child Deserves a Bike partnership.

Josie is eight years old and lives with multiple diagnoses including cerebral palsy and microcephaly. She experienced brain damage at birth that led to Josie becoming deaf by age three.

“Josie cannot walk, but she enjoys crawling and using a gait trainer to get around,” explained mom Sheri. “She has been using an adaptive bike at school, and she absolutely loves it.”

Adaptive bikes are often financially out-of-reach for families, which is why this special giveaway will be a life-changing opportunity:

“Josie loves saying “Hi” to all our neighbors, and we frequent paved parks. Having a bike of her own will give her such a sense of freedom.”

We’re grateful for the chance to be a part of this hope-filled moment with the support of the Flyers Alumni Association.



Josie got her bike!

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