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Local woman in need of kidney speaks about the need for organ donation

Brianna D Bailey

Brianna and her father Brian sit on a white couch as they are interviewed by a FOX29 reporter. Dad Brian has brown skin, a light blue button-up shirt, and khaki pants with a dark mustache and a bald head. 33-year-old Brianna wears a green cutaway jacket over black pants and has brown skin and shoulder-length straight black hair. A ticker at the bottom from FOX 29 shares Brianna's Help Hope Live Campaign Page URL and Help Hope Live's phone number.

After a chance meeting at a local organ donation appreciation event, our friends at FOX29 welcomed client Brainna Bailey and her father, Brian, to the airwaves this morning on Good Day Philadelphia.

Brianna explained that she’s been living with kidney disease since 2019. She receives dialysis four hours per day, three days per week. She has been told to expect a five- to eight-year wait for a kidney from a deceased donor if she does not find a living donor who matches her need.

Brianna shows portions of her medical journey on FOX29 with one image of her lying unconscious in a hospital bed with a breathing tube and another of her with medical equipment attached to her chest.

While Brian is not a match for his daughter, he is a dedicated ambassador for Gift of Life who spreads the word about the life-changing impact that organ donors can make.

Brianna D Bailey and her father

Insurance will not fully cover the costs associated with a life-changing transplant, so Brianna has turned to Help Hope Live for transplant fundraising.

Written by Emily Progin