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Highland Park parade shooting survivors find hope after tragedy

Cooper Roberts

A screenshot of an NBC News Exclusive story. The headline ticker reads Parade Shooting Victims Share Their Story. The photo credit is Romanucci and Blandin. The photo is four women in yellow COOPER STRONG t-shirts. One of the women places a hand on Cooper's forehead. Cooper is a child with light skin and sandy short hair seated in a black wheelchair.

“I believe in this little boy, and I believe in this country – we do what is not possible.”

At an Independence Day parade in 2022, 8-year-old Cooper Roberts, his twin brother, and his mother were among the survivors who experienced a mass shooting.

His mother spoke to NBC about the physical and emotional impact of their experiences – and how Cooper has retained his identity and spirit after injury, inspiring his family and community.

“This is what it looks like to be eight and to fight for your life.”

Cooper’s family is fundraising for medical and related expenses at Both financially and emotionally, community support is a critical lifeline and a source of hope.

“All the support from this country, and even from strangers, has transformed their lives.”

Cooper Roberts is an 8-year-old boy pictured outdoors rolling his manual wheelchair alongside two individuals walking beside him. Cooper has light skin, short blonde hair, and a blue sweater. The news coverage ticker reads NBC News Exclusive: Parade Shooting Victims Share Their Story. Written by Emily Progin