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We Stand for Inclusion

Community support is the foundation of what we do. We have witnessed the power that communities hold to embrace individuals in pain and deliver hope and help when faced with an unjust or uncaring system.

As an organization, Help Hope Live provides services to help people access critical medical care that would otherwise be unaffordable. For 37 years, we have been a source of hope and support to those in need. We believe healthcare is a human right. We offer help so that a person’s socioeconomic status does not adversely affect their ability to live and thrive. Our clients have always been diverse, as they come from all different backgrounds across the country. Just as medical bills do not discriminate, neither do illnesses or injuries.

Our core values and mission allow us to serve a wide range of people in need. We strongly condemn the systemic racism that has deep roots in our country and stand with those raising their voices against injustice. We want to be agents of positive change.

As individual team members and as an organization, we are taking the time to reflect and educate ourselves, and we stand in solidarity with those who hope to eradicate the hate. We pledge to continue increasing our outreach efforts to reach an even more diverse clientele to help them benefit from our services in our small segment of the medical assistance community. We are engaging our staff and board in diversity training and are committed to creating a more inclusive team that represents all backgrounds. These are things we can do now. We will continue to listen, learn, and offer our support.

“Help” and “hope” are more than words to us.

Written by Emily Progin