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How to Share Your Fundraising Campaign on Instagram

Would you like to share your Help Hope Live Campaign Page on Instagram? It’s easy to do—here’s what you need to know. 

Instagram Basics

Instagram has more than one billion users worldwide, and 63% of Americans check Instagram every day according to Sprout Social.  

Four Instagram basics: 

It takes a long time to build up a following on Instagram.

This guide is intended for users who are already active on Instagram. If you are starting to use Instagram from scratch, you should work on getting to know the platform and developing a following before you begin to share your campaign.  

Instagram is not the best platform for everyone.

We always advise our clients to spend their time on the fundraising efforts that make the biggest impact. Fundraising on Instagram may not be the ideal fit for you if you are learning the platform from scratch, are short on time, or just don’t have a lot of friends and followers on Instagram who will be willing to donate and share.  

You cannot share live links in Instagram posts.

Instagram posts include photos with the option to include a caption. Your Campaign Page link will not be clickable if you share it within an Instagram post, as the platform does not recognize links as URLs in posts. However, in this guide, you’ll still learn exactly how to help users find your fundraising campaign through Instagram.  

You can tag us in your posts!

Tag Help Hope Live in your posts so we can like, comment, and share: @helphopeliveorg  

How to Post on Instagram

Step 1: Add your Campaign Page link to your Instagram bio.

  • Visit your Campaign Page.  
  • Copy the URL of your Campaign Page (it should look like this:  
  • Visit your own profile on the Instagram app and choose Edit Profile.  
  • Add your Campaign Page link to your Bio.

Step 2: Choose a photo to share and begin writing your post.

Here’s what you should include in your post:  

-A strong call-to-action. For instance, JEREMY NEEDS HELP!  

-A brief explanation of the medical diagnosis and need. For example, try starting with “As you may know, Jeremy has been living with…”  

-A transition to the fundraising info with a hopeful note. For example, THERE IS HOPE! We have started a fundraising campaign with @helphopeliveorg… 

-Tell users exactly how they can donate. For example: Click the link in my bio to donate.  

-Add appropriate hashtags (tips below).  

Other Ways to Add a Link

If you don’t want to add a link to your Instagram bio, here are two other options:  

  1. Share the entire Campaign Page link in your post and tell followers to copy/paste it into their address bar to donate. 
  2. Tell followers to visit and search for Client Name in the Find a Campaign box to donate.  

How to Choose and Add Hashtags

Instagram allows users to add hashtags to their posts to help others find new and relevant content. Here are a few #tips:  

  1. Brainstorm a few words or phrases that help describe your post (for instance: #livertransplant #lifewithMS #paralysis #fundraising) 
  2. Consider adding a relevant Help Hope Live hashtag: #helphopelive #WhyWeFundraise #hopeis #forcedtofundraise 
  3. Keep an eye out for popular hashtags, which may revolve around certain topics (such as #disabilitypridemonth) or day-to-day trends (such as #fridayfeeling or #mondaymotivation)  
  4. Add between one and 10 hashtags to every post 

How Often Should I Post on Instagram?

If you’re just starting out on Instagram: try posting on Instagram at least once per day. Share a fundraising update once every four days or whenever there is a significant update (such as reaching a goal, acquiring a service or item thanks to donations, a new fundraiser, etc.) 

If you already use Instagram: keep sharing at your current rate but try adding a fundraising post or update at least once per day.  

4 Ways to Make Your Posts More Effective

Tip 1: Choose great photos!

While you may have a heartfelt description of your fundraising cause, the first thing other users will see is the photo. Make sure you’re sharing photos that are clear, high quality, and interesting.   

Tip 2: Expand your network!

As with every other social media platform, your posts are only as effective as your followers list.  

You should spend time every day (or as often as you can) cultivating relationships with other users so that you can build up a strong following on Instagram. 

Keep in mind that building followers isn’t just about following other users: you should actively interact with other users’ content on Instagram and post comments to show them that you support them. They will return the favor by connecting with your content and sharing it, too.   

Tip 3: Post a variety of content!

Don’t just share fundraising posts over and over again. Cultivate an interesting and dynamic Instagram profile that includes many different types of content.  

Consider posting some photos and videos that show your medical need or health progress. From selfies to physical therapy videos, the content is up to you–just make sure everything you post is clear and high quality or your followers will lose interest. 

Tip 4: Use Stories!

Stories are an engaging way to give followers a quick look at what’s on your mind or what’s happening in your life at one moment in time. Unlike regular Instagram posts, Stories only stay visible for a short while. They are your chance to give an at-a-glance update about your day-to-day—including your medical journey and your fundraising efforts!  


Stories are easy to use. You can either create a new Story or use an existing Instagram post as a Story (or a mix of both).  

To get started, try sharing one of your Instagram posts to your Story:  

  1. Visit your Instagram profile  
  2. Choose the post you’d like to share as a Story  
  3. Tap the paper airplane icon under the photo (next to the Like and Comment icons) 
  4. Tap Add post to your story 

At this stage, you’ll be able to customize your post in a few different ways before you share! 

 Experiment with adding music, animated stickers, text, and other features. Double-tap on the photo if you’d like to include your original post text in your Story. You can also add hashtags and tag individuals or businesses that appear in your photo or post.  

Don’t forget to tag Help Hope Live in your Story so we can share it:  

  1. Tap the sticker icon  
  2. Tap @MENTION   
  3. Type in helphopeliveorg  
  4. Tap Done  

You can save your favorite Stories to your profile as Highlights—try creating a Fundraising category so you can save your fundraising content in one convenient place.

Like, Share, Follow, and Fundraise!

Instagram can be a highly effective tool for spreading the word about your fundraising efforts and helping followers to see the world through your eyes. Try sharing a post about your campaign today, and reach out to us on Instagram if you’d like a few additional tips!  

Written by Emily Progin