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‘This could change our lives’: Barnegat family seeks $25K service dog to help their boys

Julian and Ashton Laskowski

Kids Julian and Ashton Laskowski are in a playroom setting. Both boys have light skin and short blonde hair. One of them has black round glasses and is making a heart shape with his hands above a table with toy cars and dinosaurs.

“Time is life.”

The family of 6-year-old Ashton Laskowski must nagivate day-to-day life carefully: even mild exposure to nuts can cause Ashton’s throat to close up within minutes.

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening reaction, and his family recognizes that responding to it in time ensures Ashton continues to survive and thrive with this life-impacting allergy.

In addition to Ashton’s careful medical monitoring, the Laskowski family cares for the unique needs of their 4-year-old, Julian, who lives with autism, ADHD, and sensory processing diagnoses.

To keep Julian safe, his family must look out for signs of self-harm or other destructive behaviors, such as attempting to leave home on his own.

“It’s a packed household, but the next member could make the difference between safety and tragedy.”

The Laskowskis realized one medical investment could help both of the boys stay safe: a service dog.

Neither parent’s insurance will cover the cost, despite the fact that a trained service dog could save Ashton or Julian’s life.

To help make the $25,000 cost feasible, the Laskowskis started a fundraising campaign with Help Hope Live.

“I’ve seen very powerful things occur in these relationships. It’s a very deep connection.”

The right companion could not just sniff out life-threatening food exposure sources for Ashton but also provide deep-pressure therapy to help calm Julian’s nervous system and response.

Currently, the Laskowksis must limit their involvement in the community and put a hold on everyday pleasures like going to the movies as a family – all out of fear of putting either child at risk. A service dog will change everything.

“These conditions can be so isolating for these kids. This could change their lives.”

Kids Julian and Ashton Laskowski are embracing two younger kids in a group hug. All four boys have light skin and short sandy blonde hair. The two oldest kids Julian and Ashton have black glasses. Written by Emily Progin