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Benefit to help Ken Sims, a local man who suffers from cardiac amyloidosis requiring a life-saving heart transplant

Kenneth Sims

News coverage from PA Live shows a photo of heart transplant candidate Ken Sims, who has light skin, glasses, a blue t-shirt, and a brimmed hat. The ticker reads Beginning of Summer Bash for Ken Sims.

“He’s the toughest, strongest guy I’ve ever met.”

Fundraising efforts with Help Hope Live are giving one PA community a tangible way to help Ken Sims, a hard-working man living with heart failure and awaiting a heart transplant.

We’re grateful to PA Live for interviewing the dedicated team members (including wife Susan Sims) behind the efforts to organize an ongoing t-shirt sale and hold the May 13 Summer Bash fundraiser that benefited Help Hope Live in Ken’s honor.

PA Live news coverage shows a photo of Ken Sims and his wife. Ken has light skin and red-brown hair, and his wife has light in, sunglasses, and curly shoulder-length hair. Another photo shows a Team Ken Is It for Life red fundraising t-shirt. Written by Emily Progin