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Sustain Our Mission, Secure The Future

The Kolff Society is Help Hope Live’s leadership giving society, named for our founders Dr. Jack and Patricia Kolff. The Kolff Society recognizes individuals whose annual donations of $1,000 or more help sustain our mission and expand our reach to meet the growing demand for our services.

What began four decades ago as a community effort to address the uninsured health care needs of Dr. Kolff”s heart transplant patients in the Philadelphia area, has grown into a national nonprofit that helps thousands of families afford the cost of lifesaving cell and organ transplants and recovery from spinal cord injuries and catastrophic illnesses.

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Join The Kolff Society

Help Hope Live’s work would not be possible without donors like you  especially our Kolff Society members. You help place medical care within reach of thousands of people across the country.

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Kolff Society Members

Jeffrey L. Abrams

George Biss

Hugh and Hedda Chairnoff

Paul Coulombe

Victoria Crane

Robert Davis

Michael and Lori Dershowitz

Douglas Durst

Lauren Enlow

Eric and Carrie Erickson

Ikeda Family

Mark Fishman

Freeman Family Foundation 

Matt Gough

Joe Harper

Stephen W. Harris and Dr. Peggy Schiavone

Raymond Hippele

Sarah Howe

Christine V. Kanter

Dr. and Mrs. Kauffman

Kathryn D. King

Susanna Lachs Adler

James F. Madden

Anne and Robert McAlaine

Stephanie McAlaine

Jeff and Alexa Merschel 

Brian and Moira Messner

Liam and Ashlee Murray

Howard and Liz Nathan 

Ryan Myers and Stephanie Pearson

Elizabeth A. Rainey

Alexandra Reed and Jordy Pickel

David Ruff

Lynne C. Samson

Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Schneider

Ron and Terri Siggs

Michele Tornetta

Denis Walker

Diane and Joe Walton 

Scott Walsh

Kimberly White

Sally J. Wilson

Team Zimm Family Trust

Take The Pledge

Each member receives a pin of Help Hope Live’s pledge figure to wear with pride at our signature fundraising events, as well as in their community to bring awareness to Help Hope Live and our mission.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kolff Society and different ways you can support Help Hope Live, please contact Brooke Schostak, Director of Development, at