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Sisters resident with ALS raising funds

Kristina "Kristy" Gwen Cosden


Diagnosed with ALS in December 2023, Kristy Cosden experienced a rapid loss of mobility over the subsequent six months. Kristy is now a full-time wheelchair user, and her loving husband and community are rallying to help fuel as much mobility and independence as possible.

Kristy received a wheelchair in May 2024 that allowed her to once again navigate both her home and her downtown area with greater comfort.


Her community turned to Help Hope Live to fuel an additional need: a wheelchair accessible van that will enable Kristy to literally take a front-row seat with mobility and travel without leaving her power chair.

“Even with the modest price tag, medical expenses are accumulating…”

While the $11,000 cost of a conversion is modest compared to the out-of-pocket cost of a brand new accessible vehicle, Kristy’s husband Darrell is now a caregiver who is limited in his availability to work as a substitute middle and high school teacher.

In just one month, Kristy’s community has raised over $11,400 with Help Hope Live.

Giving friends and family members a chance to look inside the new realities of their life together, Darrell wrote a song capturing his experiences with Kristy over the past six months:

Written by Emily Progin