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Community members of Gary-New Duluth help a family in need

Lisa Marie Lee

Lisa Lee is seated in her wheelchair at a fundraiser event with raffle baskets visible on tables behind her. She has light skin, brown hair past her shoulders, and a pink striped shirt.

“Life is still worth living, and there are so many good things.”

Widowed mom of four Lisa Lee is living with psoriatic arthritis. After multiple back surgeries, Lisa woke up with a damaged or severed nerve in one foot and no function in the other foot.

She now uses a wheelchair for mobility – a reality that limits her life significantly in a non-modified home. Her priority is to secure a safe wheelchair accessible vehicle, which will not be covered by insurance and will cost between $40,000 and $70,000. That’s why she turned to Help Hope Live for trusted medical fundraising.

Both her community and her kids are stepping up to provide hope at a time of overwhelming need. Says her oldest, Adrian:

“You’ve just got to acknowledge the fact that they’re still the same person, they still have the same mindset. It’s just you who has to be a little bit more helpful because they raised you. Now you have to help them.”

Written by Emily Progin