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10 Amazing Resources for Caregivers From Someone Who’s Been There

Nick Nigro

Lisa Nigro cares for her son Nick Nigro. Lisa is smiling wide and has light skin, tattoos on her right arm, and red hair to her shoulders. Nick is 30 years old and has light skin and short black hair, and he leans on a professional in scrubs's shoulder with a supportive towel or cushion around his neck.

“In the beginning, it was hard to find any information…I started doing research right away.”

Full-time caregiver and mom Lisa Nigro offered her expert insights to Parade, including a list of helpful resources for caregivers.

Lisa has been caring for her son, Nick, now 30, since he survived a heart attack that deprived his brain of oxygen at age 23. Nick’s family has been fundraising with Help Hope Live since 2016.

Written by Emily Progin