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Stroke survivor in Tennessee learns to crochet with 1 hand

Mia Russell

“It was hard at first – I was learning something new even though I could already do it.”

In 2017, Mia Russell experienced a stroke that left her with paralysis in one arm and persistent mobility and independence challenges. Before stroke, Mia was living with lupus, working as a private duty LPN, and studying to become an RN.

Post-stroke, Mia struggled with limited socializing options and daily challenges with life tasks. She found she could not drive again due to vision and speech concerns. A therapist pointed her in a new direction: re-discovering her love of crochet.

Mia investigated and mastered one-handed crocheting. Today, she produces scarves, blankets, and other creations with meaningful themes.

Fundraising is helping Mia to get closer to a potentially life-changing piece of equipment: a device that would return some movement to her paralyzed arm.

Written by Emily Progin