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A New Logo and Other Updates for 2017!

If you follow our nonprofit on social media, you have already heard our exciting news. With help from J2 Design, we’ve spruced up our visual identity to give you a better brand experience in 2017.

We are now Help Hope Live.


Our name is now written Help Hope Live. Note the three separate capitalized words. No more fuss with bolding or caps, and no inconsistencies when you find us on your favorite social media sites. We made this change to make it easier than ever to talk about our nonprofit and pledge your support.

We’ve got a new logo.


We wanted to make sure our logo reflected one of our commitments to you: a clean, intuitive and innovative brand experience. This new, modernized logo is clear and confident and it matches our written brand name for complete consistency.

Our pledge figure got an upgrade.


Along with the spruced up logo comes an upgraded pledge figure. You’ll notice our pledge figure is now bolder and more symmetrical, reflecting your bold pledge to “Help Hope Live” by being a donor, volunteer, or patient.

Digital and print updates are in progress!

Our name and logo has already been updated in many places on our website and on social media. We will be working to update printed materials and forms as quickly as we can.

New look. Same commitment to you.

Whether it’s embracing new technology or helping a friend fundraise for groundbreaking medical treatment, after 34 years, we are committed to evolving as a brand while staying true to our mission.

Thanks for your ongoing support. Please reach out if you have any questions or comments regarding these changes.

Written by Help Hope Live