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Novato mom receives the gift of a new life, a new heart

Manoela Vieira

Heart transplant recipient Manoela Vieira is on a TV interview. She is wearing a blue blouse, earrings, and a necklace and she has light brown skin, red lipstick, and shoulder-length brown hair. A ticket along the bottom reads FOX2 9:45 am.

“I feel empowered. I feel limitless.”

In 2019, Manoela experienced heart failure and 17 days in a coma. She survived, but doctors gave her just five years to live without a heart transplant – news that turned her life and the lives of her husband and three teenage daughters upside-down.

“It was scary, but I always kept my faith…I always believed, and that kept me going. My daughters got that from me.”

A photo of Manoela Vieira prior to her heart transplant shows her in a white suit on a white faux-fur throw over a purple couch. She has shoulder-length curly brown hair, light brown skin, and red lipstick with heavy eye makeup. The ticker along the bottom of the screen reads FOX Local 9:45 am: Novato Mom Receives the Gift of New Life: A New Heart.

She received the gift of new life in October 2023. Today, she is fundraising with Help Hope Live for essential post-transplant recovery expenses.

“You cannot miss those treatments – you have to be there.”

Some of her top costs include medication co-pays, regular medical transportation and relocation, lab work, and a three-month cardiac rehab program.

“The wait can feel like forever – but one day, the phone rings. Don’t be scared: it’s tough, but it’s worth it.”

Manoela Vieira is interviewed on TV following a heart transplant. She and the program host are seated in gray chairs on a stage with a red TV screen behind them that reads Mornings on the Nine. A ticker along the bottom of the screen reads FOX Local 9:45 am. The host has brown skin, short black hair, and a gray suit with a blue tie and holds paper in his right hand. Manoela has light brown skin, shoulder-length brown hair, red lipstick, brown eyes, and a blue flowing dress with long sleeves. Written by Emily Progin