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Is your world as accessible as it could be?

At Help Hope Live, we stand for more than just fundraising. We develop community partnerships so that our clients can benefit from discounted products and services to help them maximize their independence and quality of life.

Click on a partner logo below to start saving today!

Mobility Dealer Discounts

Vantage Mobility International

$1,000 Instant Rebate

AMS Vans

$500 Instant Rebate


Free 3-Year Roadside Assistance

Ultimate Workout and Recovery

7% off Latex Free Base Edition

Active Hands

10% off - Contact Help Hope Live for code


$200 Rebate - Sandcruiser® and Sandpiper® All-Terrain Beach Wheelchairs

Adaptive Clothing Discounts

BILLY Footwear

10% off with code HHL10


15% off with code HHL

Smart Adaptive Clothing

10% off - Contact Help Hope Live for code