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Newly retired Carson City teacher battles MS, community fundraising for stem-cell treatment

Phillip Andrew Brady

Philip Brady in a suit with a black cane at a wedding.

Retired high school English teacher Phil Brady is fundraising with Help Hope Live for a stem cell transplant to fight back against multiple sclerosis.

Phil’s medical journey started in 1999 when he awoke with no vision in his left eye. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Phil has spent the past 25 years learning to live with symptoms including mobility loss, numbness and pain, cognitive fog, and extreme fatigue.

Impacting 1 million Americans and 2 million people worldwide, multiple sclerosis will continue to reduce Phil’s mobility. However, he is finding new hope through a stem cell transplant.

Hematopoietic stem cell transplants (HSCT) aim to reboot the immune system to stop the body from attacking itself and reduce the impact of diagnoses like MS on mobility and health.

Phil learned about the prospect of pursuing HSCT from a fellow Help Hope Live client, DeAnna Lopes.

“What he fears most is draining every last penny he has for this, not knowing if it will indeed accomplish all that is hoped for.”

Despite the hope of a more mobile and healthy future, there’s a significant price tag attached to HSCT – and insurance won’t help with the cost. That means Phil needs to raise $59,000 to pursue this treatment option.

Phil’s community has stepped up to help fund his hope.

In less than one month, the campaign in Phil’s honor has raised over $49,000.

Philip Brady seated in his wheelchair holding an educator award. Written by Emily Progin